Trinity Preschool General Information

The Trinity United Methodist Church Preschool offers classes for children 6 months to transitional kindergarten! Our school year is from September-May with a summer program offered in June, July, and August. The summer program is made up of two 3-week sessions and meets three days a week. For more information about our holiday closings, please view our Academic Calendar.

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>>For information call the church weekdays between 9:00 and 12:30 at 704-399-1684 ext. 23 or email [email protected].

Hours of Operation:

Regular School Year - September–May
Monday - Friday from 9am-12:30pm

Summer Sessions                  
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12:30pm

Class Descriptions:

The following class descriptions show how learning through play progresses at Trinity UMC Preschool.

Six Months to One year
In this class the teacher introduces many group activities like music, art, and storytelling. Development of small and large motor skills is also very important. An example of this would be sorting different color objects which include lessons in math along with moving their fingers as they pick up objects which strengthen their fingers for prewriting. Large motor skills are probably the most important at that age. Children are encouraged to crawl and do other things where their arms cross over the mid line of the body.

1 Year Olds
This class has a five to one ratio and a typical class has ten children and two teachers.  During this year, children really begin interacting with their friends through play.  Large and small motor activities are offered and children are introduced to a wide variety of art activities. At this age, children begin to participate in small group activities like story time and music and movement.

2 Year Olds
Our two year old program is set to a ratio of six to one with a typical class being twelve children and two teachers. At this age, children begin playing corporately with their classmates. Their attention span increases during group times and the children are introduced to their first special activities such as chapel time with our minister, Rev. Jimmy Howard.

3 Year Olds
Three year olds are very interested in the world around them.  They learn by experiencing and doing through play.  During the third year at Trinity UMC Preschool they are busy developing skills, learning language, and struggling to find inner-control. Special activities for this age group include chapel with our minister Rev. Jimmy Howard twice a week, among many other group activities scheduled throughout the year.  The ratio for the three year class is 8:1.

4 and 5 Year Olds - Transitional Kindergarten
Children of this age have accomplished more small and large muscle control. They can make representational pictures (for example, pictures of houses, trees and people.)  They can cut on a line with scissors and begin to write basic letters.  Outdoor play is a favorite as they master hopping, skipping, and pumping themselves on a swing. This class also meets the needs of young five year olds who have missed the cut off for public school or children who do make the cut off but would benefit from another year to learn more about friendships and working as part of a community.  They will also gain confidence in their abilities and be better prepared for the next step of their academic journey. The Trinity Preschool Transitional Kindergarten program has a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of the 5-year old child at a pace that has been adapted to best suit their abilities.  As children acquire skills, they advance at their own individual pace to the next level.  Through play the children learn math concepts like: patterns, sorting, classification, counting and graphing.  We have a hands-on science program where children learn about experimentation.  Our language curriculum is patterned after the program of “Making Great Readers”.  For more information on this program visit the website:

You may also view an article written by Mr. Wallace Howard for SEEN Magazine by clicking here.  Mr. Howard is the author of the “Making Great Readers” program that we use at Trinity UMC Preschool.  In the article, he quotes our Founder, Claudia Myers, stating how successful the program has been for our children.

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For information call the church weekdays between 9:00 and 12:00 at 704-399-1684 ext. 23 or email [email protected].