Trinity’s 2019 Summer Adventure Camp

For Elementary Ages Rising 1st – 6th Graders!

This year, in addition to our Preschool Summer Programs, we are also offering a very exciting Summer Adventure Camp for all elementary grades. Our Summer Camp program will be two four week sessions from June 11th-August 8th. If you have any questions about our 2019 Summer Camp, feel free to contact Claudia Myers, at 704-399-1684 ext. 23.

Session One - Art Camp

I was an art major and an art history minor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I thoroughly enjoy teaching others new techniques and exploring new ideas with different medians, textures, and concepts. I am very excited for us to learn about several artists and study their unique techniques as we work to become artists ourselves.

Week One – "Art: The Basics"
Campers will focus on the basic aspects of art. We will learn about color theory – learning about the color wheel, complimentary colors, and mixing colors. We will also work on projects that will help develop some basic art skills.

Week Two – "Monet: Impressionism"
Monet is considered “The Father of Impressionism.” This week, we will study how he was instrumental is developing
this style of painting, as we venture outside and paint landscapes just like Monet would have insisted we must do!

Week Three – "Picasso: Cubism"
We will abandon the perspective of a single viewpoint and instead use simple geometric shapes and interlocking planes
to create a masterpiece! We will be using cubism to paint anything from simple objects to a self-portrait.

Week Four – "Jackson Pollack: Just for Fun"
Jackson Pollack was an American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. Famous mostly for
his splatter paintings, we will learn his techniques and create our own art in lots of fun ways – outside, of course!

Magic Tree House Adventures

The Magic Tree House Adventure book series features Jack and Annie, brother and sister, as they journey around the world and study history through their magic tree house in the Frog Creek woods. We use these books to help students dive deeper into the subject matter, learn about many different events in history, and study other cultures

Week Five – "Tigers at Twilight"
Join us as we travel to India and get stalked by a hungry tiger! This week, we will learn all about the culture of India.
We will have a guest speaker join us to teach us more about the language, food, art, and dress of this majestic land.

Week Six - "Afternoon on the Amazon"
Vampire bats and killer ants? That’s what we run into when we’re are whisked away to the Amazon River. While we
are hopelessly lost with them, we will learn all about the Amazon Rain Forest – the layers, the animals, and more!!

Week Seven - "Stage Fright on a Summer Night"
The show must go on! From Elizabethan England, we will study the work of William Shakespeare! We may even put
on our own play for the parents! Hope our actors cooperate better than his. We will be ready for our big entrance

Week Eight - "A Big Day for Baseball"
LET’S PLAY BALL! The magic tree house will whisk us away to New York in 1947 to watch a baseball game. From the dugout,
we will learn all about the Brooklyn Dodgers #42, Mr. Jackie Robinson, and why that game was so important.