Trinity Preschool Staff

Claudia Myers
Preschool Director
38th year at Trinity

Shelly Black
Office Manager
3rd year at Trinity

Jane Bolton
Accounts Receivable
1st year at Trinity


Susan Kidd
Assistant Director
TK Teacher
37th year at Trinity

Kim McCord
Lead Teacher
15th year at Trinity

Mary Tran
Lead Teacher
13th year at Trinity


Dana DeWolfe
Lead Teacher
5th Year at Trinity

Melanie Wilmoth
Lead/Assistant Teacher
3nd Year at Trinity

Mercy Nag
Assistant Teacher
1st Year at Trinity


Preschool Board of Directors

We encourage you to communicate openly with your Lead Teacher and Preschool Director, Claudia Myers, first before contacting us; however, if you need the governing board, feel free to contact any of us directly:

Wade Ogle, Pastor
Avis Summers Lewis, Chair
Sandra Duggins, Co-Chair/Secretary
Claudia Myers, Preschool Director
Susan Kidd, Teacher Liason
Shelly Black, Financial Coordinator
Jane Bolton, Accounts Receiveable
Jennifer McLemore, Congregational Care
Shelly Black, Trustee Liason
Ronna Privette, Office
Jeff Elliott, Admin Council
Others on the board for 2018 are listed below and contact detail can be gotten by calling the church office at 704-399-1684 and asking Ronna Privette.
Amanda Bungert
Karen Bryer
Marion Elliott
Melissa Falcone
Dolores LaPrade
Becky Lancaster
Jennifer McLemore
Carolyn Miller

Margie O'Shields
Missy Parker