Trinity Preschool Staff

Claudia Myers

Shelly Black
5th year at Trinity

Meg McConnell
2nd year at Trinity


Mary Robin
Lead Teacher - Pre-K
1st year at Trinity

Diane Busch
Lead Teacher - 3's
4th Year at Trinity

Dana DeWolfe
Lead Teacher - 2's
5th Year at Trinity

Mary Tran
Lead Teacher - 1's
15th year at Trinity

Denise Izmerian
Lead Teacher - K5
1st year at Trinity

Tori Basham
Assistant Teacher - 2's
1st Year at Trinity

Ginny Martin
Assistant Teacher - 1's
2nd year at Trinity


Preschool Board of Directors

We encourage you to communicate openly with your Lead Teacher and Preschool Director, Shelly Black, first before contacting us; however, if you need the governing board, feel free to contact any of us directly:

Jimmy Howard, Pastor
Avis Summers Lewis, Chair
Sandra Duggins, Co-Chair/Secretary
Shelly Black, Director
Jennifer McLemore, Congregational Care
Shelly Black, Trustee Liason
Ronna Privette, Office
Jeff Elliott, Admin Council
Others on the board for 2020-2021 are listed below and contact detail can be gotten by calling the church office at 704-399-1684 and asking Ronna Privette.
Melissa Falcone
Dolores LaPrade
Becky Lancaster
Jennifer McLemore
Margie O'Shields
David Stroupe
Tara Ward