Trinity’s 2019 Preschool Summer Camp

For Preschoolers Ages 2-5!

This year, in addition to our K-5 Elementary Summer Adventure Camp, we are also offering a very exciting Preschool Summer Camp for ages 2-5. Our Summer Camp program will be two four week sessions from June 11th-August 8th. If you have any questions about our 2019 Summer Camp, feel free to contact Claudia Myers, at 704-399-1684 ext. 23.

Session One

Week One – "Because of an Acorn"
Science Week! Learn from this sweet story how a forest can grow from a simple acorn.
This week, we will learn about and with acorns!

Week Two – "Little Golden Stories"
We will be reading and learning from some of the Little Golden Books such as, The Little Red Hen,
The Poky Little Puppy, and The Happy Man and His Dump Truck.

Week Three – "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"
Having fun with Dr. Seuss! We’ll being using several Dr. Seuss stories to help students learn letter sounds,
how to identify rhyming words, and several other early-reading skills!

Week Four – "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"
We will enjoy giving a cookie to a mouse, a muffin to a moose, and a doughnut to a dog!
Then we’ll go to the kitchen and see if we can cook up some of our own recipes.

Session Two

Week Five – "Harold and the Purple Crayon"
What if you had a magic purple crayon? What would you draw? Let’s join Harold
on a walk in the moonlight and see what he decides to draw.

Week Six - "Goodnight Moon"
Let’s enjoy a pajama day and say Goodnight, Moon! We’ll be learning the phases of the
moon with Oreos, how to tell time, playing matching and memories games, and more!

Week Seven - "Pete the Cat"
Does Pete the Cat let anything bother him? Why, goodness NO! Pete the Cat Loves
His White Shoes, has Four Groovy Buttons, and is Missing the Cupcakes!

Week Eight - "Stick and Stone"
Friends sure do ROCK and they STICK around too! Learn about an unlikely friendship and
let’s talk about how to be good friends like Stick and Stone in our classroom.